The Process

The process for selecting a new director of schools for Loudon County is now in full swing. At last Thursday's school board meeting, board members voted on several issues pertaining to the search process.

The majority of the board voted to hire the Tennessee School Board Association (TSBA) to assist in the search. At a cost of $5,000.00 TSBA will handle advertising for the position, collect resumes and check credentials on candidates.

A majority of the board also opted to continue to require the current board policy qualifications necessary for candidates for the position. Those include, a professional educator's license, master's degree in education with preference for a doctorate degree, three years of successful experience in school administration.

The majority of the board voted not to set a salary or salary range for the jog but rather to state the salary would be competitive. The current director's salary is approximately $113,000.00 plus benefits.

Board policy currently requires a two thirds majority vote to hire a new director. That would require at least 7 of the 10 board members to vote for a new hire. I brought up the discussion as to whether the board might want to change the required vote to a simple majority. That require only 6 of the 10 members to vote for a new hire. A majority of the board voted to maintain the two thirds majority requirement.

The board will be meeting with TSBA representatives in the next week or so to iron out the details of the search.