Problem Solved

Without going into all the detail, the good news is, Loudon County will no longer face the possibility of getting stuck with those massive Tellico Village POA fees when those delinquent properties go to the county tax sale.

Last week both the Tennessee House and Senate passed new language to state law that will protect counties from being stuck with tax deliquent properties if those properties pose an environmental risk or a financial burden on the county.

In our case, this all stems from the many years long attempt of the Tellico Village Property Owners Association to force Loudon County to take hundreds of delinquent Tellico Village properties through the tax sale then force the county to pay the POA fees on those lots. The county stood to lose a million dollars per year if the POA had ever gotten their way.

Unfortunately, this matter could have been dealt with a long time ago without litigation or new law with a simple agreement with the POA officials but they refused to work with the county.

Doesn't matter now. The problem's solved.