Problem Solved

I know there are some out there that keep pretty close tabs on nearly everything I do. Like calling animal control to accuse me of not taking care of my dog and calling other officials complaining that my goats wont get in their barn when it's cold and so on.

Well, before any of you drive by and see this goat and start calling the police or PETA, the goat's OK. Some of you non farmers out there may not know that goats are some of the dumbest animals God ever created. The goat above is just at that age and his horns are just at the size that causes him to get his head stuck in the fence. He pokes his head through the fence and get's stuck. I go down, poke his head back through the fence then he walks down the fence five feet and pokes his head back through the fence and get's stuck again. I told you they were dumb.

The way to solve the problem is to keep them from poking their stupid heads through the fence. Thus the horn extension shown above. It's light weight PVC and by the time the duct tape wears off, his horns should be too big to go through the fence. The other goats seem to be jealous of his new adornment.

So if you drive by and see "ol duct tape", that's what we call him now, walking around in the field, don't be alarmed. He's OK.