Press Release on State V. Callie Davis-

Lenoir City, Tennessee – Friday, April 04, 2008


Prepared statement from Sheriff Tim Guider regarding the Callie Davis Case.

When this case was brought to our attention, I immediately notified the District Attorney General and requested the T.B.I. do the investigation so that there would be no questions as to any conflict. 

The investigation clearly revealed that Assistant Chief Deputy Jimmy Davis had no knowledge of his wife’s actions.  When he did have this knowledge he was obviously extremely embarrassed and immediately made restitution to those involved and sought counseling for his wife.

Given the facts of the case and the position that Assistant Chief Davis holds, I advised him that when judgment was rendered, there would be some consequences to discuss.

Jimmy Davis has worked his way up the ranks doing an outstanding job.  Unfortunately, effective Monday, April 7th, 2008, Jimmy Davis will resume the rank of Sergeant.  This decision is not meant to punish Jimmy, but to maintain stability in management and confidence among the troops and the citizens we serve.