Prepaid card glitch leaves Loudon family with no money
LOUDON (WATE) – Pam Hower hasn’t been able to spend or deposit money on her prepaid Rush card for a little over a week.

“I’m pretty stressed out. It’s thrown my budget completely off,” said Hower.

Because of a glitch in the system, thousands of people like Hower are in a bind.

“We’re not able to pay our rent, we can’t buy gas and I’m not able to buy medication for my daughter,” said Hower.

Rush card co-founder Russell Simmons has already made an apology video. Hower has sent numerous emails to Rush Card but hasn’t been able to get any answers.

“In the process of upgrading and improving our rush card services many of you are hurt by problems that have occurred during a technology transition,” said Simmons.

“They don’t know when they’re going to fix the problem but they’re working on it,” said Hower.

WATE 6 On Your Side called the company to find out when the issue would be fixed but a representative said they don’t entertain third party callers who don’t have a Rush card. We also sent an email to the company, but received an automatic reply.

Jonathan Patrick, a senior vice president with UT Federal Credit Union weighed in on if prepaid cards are a good option.

“Prepaid cards are a great solution for the right market. Unfortunately, prepaid cards aren’t perfect. Some prepaid cards are offered by companies that don’t have the sizable infrastructure, or experience, necessary to manage a product like this the way it should be managed. There is a reason most people use cards from their bank or credit union.”

Hower just wants the glitch to be fixed sooner rather than later.

“Five hours have turned into nine days with no resolution is sight,” said Hower.

Hower says she had to borrow money from her church to make payments on her bills this month. She says these issues have hurt her trust with the company and doesn’t plan to use a Rush card again. She says instead, she will look for a bank.