Predictable Left 

It was entirely predictable. Almost before the smoke had cleared from the horrible shooting, the crazy left wingers were already screaming for stricter gun laws. Once again showing their complete incompetence in understanding and their total dependence on government. 

The second amendment that protects our right to own and bear arms has nothing to do with hunting, it's about the right of the citizens of this country to protect themselves against foreign threats and even our own government if necessary. I've already heard dozens of times on the news that a hunter doesn't need an AR-15 to hunt deer. That seems to be one of the left's main talking points.

They're right. Semi automatic weapons aren't needed for game hunting but if the day were ever to come that private citizens were compelled to take up arms to defend their lives and property from what ever the threat might be, many plan to be prepared. As the saying goes, I would rather die having never needed to use my gun than to die wishing I had my gun.

Those of us who staunchly believe in the second amendment may as well get ready. The government is going to try to take our weapons under the pretext that it will be in the best interest of everyone.

It's hard to imagine right now, that the day could come, when the citizens might have to take up arms against a foreign or domestic threat but it could happen. If, God forbid, that time did come, I would hope that my friends and neighbors are as heavily armed as I am.     

As for these cowardly mass shootings, note that everyone of them have taken place in a "gun free zone" as declared by individual business owners or government entities.

Just imagine if even one of the adults in the recent school shooting had been armed. If the brave principal had been armed, she would have had a much greater chance than she had by just throwing her body against the heavily armed murderer. Or the school councilor who rushed to the sound of the shots, if she had had a 40 cal. aimed at the killer's head rather than walking into her own death. If the unbelievably brave teacher who saved a number of her students by hiding them from the killer had had a 357 magnum pointed at the door when the mad man walked into her class room.  

It's impossible to predict what the outcome of the shooting might have been if the gunman had been met with equal or greater force but it's a sure thing that anyone who shows up at a gun fight unarmed is going to lose.

If gun laws were all that were needed to stop mass murder, it would already have been stopped. Connecticut already has strict gun laws. The laws in Connecticut prohibited anyone under 21 from possessing weapons. The Connecticut law also prohibited anyone from carrying any weapons of any kind on school grounds. In fact, the killer violated forty-one state and federal laws in commission of his crime.

Did the law stop anything? In this day, a gun is not the problem but the solution.