Political Agendas?

At the the last commission meeting, tempers flared a bit during the public comment portion of the meeting. A citizen who was addressing the commission pertaining to the school building program made a statement to the effect that some elected officials had political agendas. This was all it took to upset a couple of commissioners.

So are there political agendas at work? It's not fair to say that all elected officials have a political agenda. Just some and here is a prime example.

Later in the same meeting the discussion again took place about funding the school building program. Commissioner Austin Shaver suggested the commission pass a resolution to borrow "up to" a certain amount. The idea was to get an interest rate locked in while the rates are so low and before rates go up. This being a workshop several commissioners began to oppose this idea immidately. County Mayor, Doyle Arp, stated once you all give the school board that money they can do anything they want with it. One commissioner asked, even use it for raises, to which Arp replied, yep.

This is so wrong. There's no way the school board could use building fund money for raises or anything else for that matter unless commission approved. So, what do you think? Are there political agendas at work to prevent building new schools in Loudon and Greenback? You decide.

It's sad or should I say disturbing that the county mayor and some commissioners do not understand the basic principals of county finance.