Fore Note: On November 27th, the First Church Of The Nazarene, just off Hwy 321, had a break in where money and the church van were stolen. Below is a story from an Arkansas news station about the trio who were apprehended days later. Fortunately, the church van was recovered.

We just never know what kind of thugs are passing through our fair city. 

Police building timeline of Craighead Co. Jail escapees

Korey Kitchen
Jason Brown
Zachary Dunn
Deputies with the Craighead County Sheriff's Department have worked non-stop since Zachary Dunn, Jason Brown, and Korey Kitchen escaped from the Craighead County Jail.
Since the three have been captured, investigators have been working to track where the men had gone. According to officials with the Sheriff's Department, in a weeks time, there was a long list of criminal offenses.
"I suspect each one of them is going to be charged with as least five more felony charges," said Assistant Chief Deputy Marty Boyd with the Craighead County Sheriff's Department.
And he says that's not limited to Arkansas, but several different states from Michigan, Kentucky, and Tennessee. The timeline started November 23rd, when Brown, Dunn, and Kitchen escaped from the Craighead County Jail. It was immediately determined these guys didn't escape to walk the straight and narrow.
"They stole a vehicle here from Cameron Construction. Then, they drove that vehicle to Chicago," said Boyd. It was at that point the three ran out of gas. "They did a gas drive off theft. They were then pursued by police, ditched that vehicle, and ran off on foot," said Boyd.
From there they somehow managed to jump a train to Michigan. "Some railroad workers found them and kicked them off the train. They stole another truck there close by," said Boyd.
They used that vehicle to make their next stop in their journey, Kentucky. It was there, they ditched that truck and stole another vehicle and kept going down to Tennessee. "They spent the night in some woods. They broke into a church in Tennessee, stole the church van and drove it into Florida," said Boyd.
Which finally ended the seven day road trip November 30th, when police in Polk City, Florida found the van in a hospital parking lot. Boyd says he didn't expect the three to stick together.
"I thought with the ties they had to this area that they would split up and go a couple of different directions. It surprised several of us. I'm even more surprised it took a week to catch them," said Boyd.
Boyd says hopefully this circumstance relays a valuable lesson. "I'm sure they are finding crime doesn't pay on this one," said Boyd.
Boyd says the department isn't sure when Dunn, Brown, and Kitchen will return to Craighead County, but will know more mid-week. He does say once the three return, they will be charged with the escape and auto-theft and placed in a maximum security unit.