Plans Presented

At a recent school board meeting, the architects hired to come up with plans for the two proposed new schools presented their plans for the new Fort Loudon Middle School and the new school in Greenback. Community Tectonics presented a computer presentation of the new buildings that gave board members a look at what the new buildings will look like.

The projected cost for the new buildings is $12,114,375 for Fort Loudon and $23,550,318 for Greenback. Most board members were pleased with the proposals but still had concerns about the costs. The architects reminded the board that they would still have the ability to make changes to the building plans that can lower the costs.  

County Commission will have to decide just how much they can borrow for the building program.

Fort Loudon Middle School
92,000 Sq. Ft.

Greenback School
179,000 Sq. Ft.