Plan "B"

Any good plan must have a plan "B" just in case plan "A" doesn't work out. Well plan "A" is officially down the toilet. Enter plan "B". For those who are so desperate to take over city hall, including the treasurer's office, plan "A" was to dupe the voters with lies and misinformation and hope they would hand over the check book to these clods by voting to change the Lenoir City Charter and eliminate the elected position of the treasurer. Well, plan "A" failed and failed badly.

Lenoir City voters rejected the little mafia's plan to take over. By more than an 80% margin the voters made it clear they wanted the treasurer's position to remain elected and independent of the bad guys. The bad guys grossly underestimated the intelligence of the voters. They really thought they could slide their plan under their noses. They were wrong.

Now they have a big problem both literally and figuratively. As the only candidate to qualify for the treasurer/recorder election, Bobby Johnson Jr. will be the new Lenoir City Treasurer/Recorder. Jr. is not likely to lay down and roll over the little mafia. In fact Johnson has made it clear that he plans to take back the department for the citizens of Lenoir City. Just last year, city judge Terry Vann was able to take control of city court, part of the Treasurer/Recorder office, even though the city charter clearly requires the Treasurer/Recorder office to be the clerk of the court. So how do they overcome Johnson? Plan "B".

Rumor has it and mind you this is just what I have been hearing, after the November election council will cut the pay for the Treasurer/Recorder's office to $300 - $500 per month. The intention is to cut the pay so that Jr. or no one else would be willing to take the job. Then if no one will take the job for such low pay, council will be forced to hire a "finance manager" to over see the city's business. Walah, back where we started, Vann and company controlling the check book. These people just never stop.

The voters made it clear they wanted the Treasurer/Recorder's office to remain in the hands of a popularly elected person who answers to the voters not to a few select self-serving greedy individuals. Lenoir City voters can send another message in November. The voters need to ask all the candidates how they feel about the Treasurer/Recorder's office and if elected would they try to change the will of the voters. Then vote for the candidates that will represent the will of the voters. Put their feet to the fire. Make them answer the question then hold then accountable in November.