Physiological Evaluation 

Did you know , if someone makes a statement that they might hurt themselves or take their own life and they are overheard by law enforcement or medical personal, that person must be taken in for a physiological evaluation just to be sure they don't really plan to do themselves harm? Just to be sure there's not a mental defect or anything like that.

I'm convinced all these bicycle riders on our two lane, back country roads should be taken in for that same evaluation. Obviously, they are knowingly endangering themselves and and could potentially cause their own death or injury. It's exceedingly obvious, they must have a mental defect of some kind to ride roads that are dangerous for autos much less for bicyclist.

Maybe law enforcement could just pull them over and take them to a special facility where they could be observed for 24-48 hours just to be sure it's safe to let them back out.

Just a thought.