Phillips To Retire

Loudon County Economic Agency President, Pat Phillips has announced his retirement. Phillips, who is a Knox County resident,  has been the president of the EDA for many years. To say his record as the leader of this organization is dismal, would be an understatement.

From the EDA web site-The Loudon County Economic Development Agency, Inc. was originally created on May 24, 1965, as the Loudon County Industrial Commission, Inc. and later chartered as a private non-profit organization in 1985 as Loudon County Industrial Committee of 100, Inc. On April 25, 2000, the Board approved a change in name, membership and expansion of the organization’s role as the Joint Economic and Community Development Board.

Under this role, the Agency is responsible for coordinating governmental and private industrial development and economic development activities in Loudon County. The Agency is governed by a eight-member board comprised of one member each from the three governments, and one member each representing the County Commission, Lenoir City Committee of 100 for Industrial Development, Inc., the Chamber of Commerce, Greenbelt Property Owner and one member appointed at-large. Each serves a two-to-four-year term. The Agency employs an Executive Director (Phillips) and staff to plan and coordinate the Agency’s development activities.

Financial support for the Agency is provided by Loudon County, City of Loudon, Lenoir City and Lenoir City Industrial Committee of 100.

The EDA is essentially a private operation funded by tax dollars. Lots of tax dollars.

Loudon County donates $162,500.00 per year to the EDA with the City of Loudon giving $36,000.00 and Lenoir City giving $32,700.00 per year. The Committee of 100 drops in about $4,400.00. Of the agency's $245,000.00 budget, $210,000.00 goes to payroll costs. The bulk of that being Phillips' 95k, plus salary.

With Phillips' retirement, a mad, political, scramble will be on for those wanting the job. A committee has been formed. It's a real cream puff job. Essentially, you can come and go as you please, great pay and benefits, wine and dine perspective business possibilities, take a few trips on the clock each year, and best of all, there is no requirement to produce any positive results. Failure is an option.

Heck, that sounds pretty good. Maybe I'll apply for the job. Think I could get it?