Philadelphia City Council meets in elementary school after city hall collapse


(WBIR- Philadelphia) The Philadelphia City Council held its first meeting Monday after Mother Nature forced them out of city hall.

The city council has been without a home since an outer wall and part of the roof collapsed earlier this month. The mayor suspects the blame for that damage lies with heavy rain.

Monday, the council held its monthly meeting in the cafeteria of Philadelphia Elementary School.

As for city hall, the mayor says he's in limbo until he learns more from the insurance company. At the moment, the city continues to look for a new place to do business.

"It would mean that we wouldn't have to use the school cafeteria for our meetings. It would mean that all of our files, and our records would not have to be stored in the center bay of our fire hall, as they are currently. It would mean that I would have an office, instead of the one in my house that my wife is not happy about," said John Drinnon, mayor of Philadelphia.

The city is considering using a portable classroom from the Loudon County Board of Education to use as a temporary city hall in the meantime.