Petty Politics

It was recently brought to my attention that something was missing from the Loudon County Commission meeting room. I really didn't believe it was true, but sure enough, it was. It has long been customary that each terms commissioners and mayor photograph adorns the walls of the hallowed halls of the commission meeting room.

Right there one after the other are those photos. Odd thing is, one photo is missing. 1994-1998 is there, 1998-2002 is there and 2006-2010 is there. Missing is the 2002-2006 commissioner term. Let's see, who would have been on commission at that time, 2002-2006, that someone would want to eliminate the picture.  The only commissioner who's photo has disappeared over the past sixteen years is mine.

I suspect that photo is hanging on the wall of  Mr. Arp's new quarter million dollar office. I bet he has it there for inspiration.

But for those who will miss seeing the 2002-2006 commission, below is your very own copy.

Some people are so silly.