Petition Update 12/5

More potential candidates picked petitions. A second person, Kenneth Hupp, has picked up a petition to run for Brian Jenkins seat. Two people have picked up petitions to challenge 4th District incumbent, Roy Bledsoe, if he decides to run again. Phillip Pardue and Keith Russell.

This is shaping up to be a real barn burner and we've still got more than two months till the deadline to file. A man might want to get into the yard sign business.

Office Name Petiton issued Date Returned 
County Mayor Estelle Herron 11/22/2013  
County Commission
District 1 Seat A Kelly Littleton-Brewster 12/3/2013 12/3/2013
  Kenneth Hupp 12/4/2013  
District 1 Seat B David Meers 11/22/2013  
  Mike Young 11/22/2013  
District 2 Seat A Earlene Maples 11/22/2013  
District 2 Seat B Rosemary Quillen 11/25/2013  
  Matthew Tinker 11/22/2013  
District 3 Bob Franke 11/22/2013  
District 4 Phillip Pardue 12/4/2013  
  Keith Russell 12/4/2013  
District 5 Seat A Harold Duff 11/22/2013  
District  5 Seat B Marvin Stanley 11/22/2013  
  Sharon Yarbrough 12/2/2013  
District 6 Steve Harrelson 11/22/2013  
District 7 Richard Anklin 12/3/2013  
  Don Miller 11/22/2013  
Circuit Court Clerk Lisa P. Niles 11/22/2013 11/27/2013
County Clerk Darlene Russell 11/22/2013  
General Sessions Judge Rex Dale 12/3/2013  
Register of Deeds Tracie Littleton 11/22/2013  
Road Superintendent Eddie Simpson 11/22/2013 11/22/2013
Sheriff Tim Guider 11/22/2013 12/3/2013
Trustee Sherri L. Colvard 11/26/2013  
  George "Chip" Miller 11/22/2013