Who said you can't fight city hall or in this case, the Loudon County Board Of Education? Board members voted unanimously at Thursday's meeting to back up the start day for the 2008-2009 school year to August 11th. While no one ever was able to figure out who actually set the previous start date at August 4th, all involved seemed satisfied with the new start date.

Petition Drive May Pay Off

The work of a number of parents protesting the early start day for Loudon County schools for 2008-2009 may pay off. The parents had led a petition drive to get the school board to reverse an earlier decision to start school on August 4th. They had garnered more than a thousand names. The parents were only asking for the start date to be backed up by one week.

At Monday's Loudon County School Board meeting a host of parents and teachers were in attendance to show their support for a change in the 08-09 Loudon County school calendar. The group, represented by Teresa Karimain, presented several arguments protesting the August 4th start date. Some board members seemed opened to a change. However, board member, Leroy Tate, suggested that the board meet with the "calendar committee" to find out why they had set the date so early. Unfortunately, no one on the board nor director Headlee knew who the "calendar committee" actually was. Board members asked that Ms. Karimian and meet with the "calendar committee" Wednesday morning to discuss the possible change in the calendar.

At Wednesday's meeting, a number of teachers and school personal were in attendance at the meeting. After much discussion, the group decided to recommend to the school board that the start day be backed up to August 11th. The board will hear the recommendation at Thursday's meeting and could vote to accept the recommendation.