International exchange students meet 2nd grade pen pals

(WBIR, Greenback) - Some second grade students in Greenback had the opportunity to learn about other cultures Monday morning from some international students studying English as a Second Language at Maryville College.

The second graders and international students have been pen pals throughout this semester.

On Monday, the ESL students from several different countries showed the second graders how to write in different languages, they let them try on different clothing styles from other countries, and showed them different currency.

The ESL teacher says it's a great opportunity for both sets of students.

"The older students love to be with children. It helps facilitate their language as well as get knowledge of public education in America. The second graders get to learn about the world. They are getting their names written in a different languages, learning to count in different languages, and just a general world concept," said Beth Sutton, Director of ESL at Maryville College.

The pen pals ate lunch together and learned songs and games in different languages.