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A Loudon County man is upset tonight after two puppies he purchased for his children at the local animal shelter died less than a week later from Parvo.

Dwayne Trent says he wanted to do the right thing and give an unwanted pet a home and his kids some happiness. But instead, Trent says all his family got was heartbreak and a loss of $160 to the shelter.

For Nicholas and Brandon Trent, getting two dogs from the Loudon animal shelter was a happy day to have a pet and give them a name. "We would lay on the ground and then the pups would come and lick us and chew on our hair and stuff," says Nicholas. "It had three names, Cutie Pie Trent," Brandon says.

But not a week passed before Cutie Pie and Tippy were found to be infected with Parvo, a highly contagious disease among young dogs. "Did confirm they were sick and they had to be euthanized," says Interim Shelter Director Gordon Harless.

"Watched them take it into the room," says Nicholas. "And how did you feel?" Stephen McLamb asks. "Awful," he replies. Their veterinarian, Dr. Heather O'Brien, says the virus usually takes up to two weeks to show itself.

Dwayne Trent says he went to get his $160 back from the shelter but was told no. "As it states on our adoption contract, there is no guarantee to their health," Harless says.

So were the remaining population of dogs checked for the virus at the shelter? Harless says no. "We don't have a veterinarian on staff nor could we afford to parvo test every single animal that entered the facility."

That has Trent concerned. "It's not responsible or even ethical." Harless said he offered the Trent's two other dogs from the shelter but was told no. "Don't want two more dogs that more than probably have that virus and bring them home and break the kids hearts again," Trent says.

Harless says he is making a request to the county commission workshop meeting for them to consider giving Trent his money back. Trent says he hopes the shelter will take on new policies to insure healthy dogs are sold so other children's hearts won't be broken like his children's were.

More Shelter Dogs Die From Parvo

Reporter: Stephen McLamb, Bureau Chief

Loudon, Loudon County (WVLT) - New details on a possible Parvo outbreak at a local animal shelter.

We first told you about the cases at the Loudon Animal Shelter on Tuesday, and unfortunately another puppy has died and another is critically ill.

Stephanie Wilson is more than upset she lost her dog. She says when she went to call the shelter to warn them other dogs may have Parvo, she says they already knew and she's most upset because they never told her.

Buying a new house, Stephanie Wilson says one thing was missing. "We bought a house that was one of the first things we wanted to do was get some animals to put in here and start our family."

But Roscoe, one of her two boxer mix puppies from the Loudon Animal Shelter, is going in the ground after it died of Parvo ten days after they got him.

"We thought that we got it early enough that he could make it through and, excuse me, and just to hear that it just kinda broke our hearts," Wilson says.

"Unfortunately, we're not surprised. We knew this was going to happen. Expect several more," Dwayne Trent lost two puppies he got from the Loudon animal shelter last week from Parvo and says it broke his sons hearts also. He feels the shelter should quarantine all the dogs and notify all families who have adopted dog from there that something could be wrong.

Wilson says they called the shelter to let them know their dogs had Parvo but became distressed when told by shelter workers they knew because they had just euthanized two others. "Because they didn't be up front and honest now we're going through what we're going through."

"You should be responsible enough to call people and let them, give them a heads up of what's going on," says Dustin Campbell, whose dog died of Parvo.

Roscoe has a sister named Daisy. "Now she's got it and so she's at the vet right now fighting for her life, and they don't know if she'll make it," Wilson says.

Shelter interim Director Gordon Harless says they believe the virus was isolated to a single litter of puppies. He says they have spoken to other families who adopted during that time and their dogs have shown no signs of sickness from Parvo.

We'll keep you updated.