Parking Problems

The food is great, the atmosphere is pleasant but the parking has become a real problem. Since the new Carmichael Inn Restaurant and store opened, parking at the Loudon County Court House Annex now comes at a premium, especially around lunch time. Customers who visit the restaurant, which is directly adjacent to the Court House Annex parking lot, tend to use the annex parking lot rather than the parking lot across the street. A number of annex employees and customers have complained about the parking problem. Citizens needing to conduct business have complained about not being able to find parking within a reasonable distance to the county facility. With tax season upon us the problem is bound to get worse.

The new parking lot was built and opened by the county a couple of years ago due to a lack of adequate parking for annex employees and customers. The plan was that the new side parking lot would be for employees and the front lot would be exclusively for citizens  coming to do business at the annex. The annex parking lots should be designated for annex use only 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. Rick Dover, owner of the restaurant, has always shown a great propensity for working with local governments and I'm sure if county officials bring the problem to Mr. Dover's attention, the problem can be resolved.