Parent Tees Off On Councilman

Loudon City Councilman, Lewis "Charlie Brown" Garner, was the target of a vicious verbal attack by a parent who was very unhappy with the councilman's recent criticism of a school project designed to demonstrate racism and discrimination. The councilman attempted to address the Loudon County Board of Education back in early February but was denied.

At last Thursday's BOE meeting, Fort Loudon Middle School parent, Joe Webb, took Mr. Garner to task for his comments in opposition to the school project. Webb who was visibly angry at the councilman said if he had his way, Garner would be in court defending his remarks. Webb told the board he had taken it on himself to prepare a lengthy resolution, which he read to the board, that he wanted the board to adopt. His resolution would show support for the discrimination game used at FLMS. The board took no action on Mr. Webb's resolution. While Webb went into great detail in expressing his views on the matter, he seemed to take great offense that Mr. Garner had expressed his views on the matter. Click Here For WATE story.   Click Here For News Herald Story.

Video Clips of Mr. Webb's comments. 

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