Overholt                      Mimms

It's obvious there is some confusion about the development taking place along Hwy. 321 across from Walmart. During all the debates about the twenty million dollar tax break, or TIF, that was requested by Dr. Bob Overholt for his Town Creek development, many people were under the incorrect assumption that all the earth work they were seeing along the highway was the Overholt's development moving forward. It was also obvious that Overholt and company were perfectly happy to let people think this.

In reality, Mr. Overholt hasn't done any work on his property. Where all the dirt has been moved is actually owned by Mimms Enterprises, out of Atlanta Georaga.  Overholt originally bought about 250 acres of the Eldridge Farm then very quickly sold about 50 acres to Mimms along 321. This is where all the dirt work is being done. However back on the 200 acres retained by Overholt, no work has been done. Esentially, the Mimms property is between 321 and Town Creek Road west. Overholt's property is between Town Creek Road west and Old Hwy. 95 at Harrison Hills. According to Overholt, he paid 14 million dollars for the entire farm and sold Mimms their 53 acres for 8 million dollars.

Mimms Enterprises has moved forward with their project, The Market At Town Creek, from day one. Unlike Overholt, they have not been begging the city and county for money to subsidize their development. They have already spent millions of dollars putting in all the roads, sewers, waterlines and all other needed infrastructures without tax money. Overholt on the other hand hasn't turned the first spade of dirt. This is the difference between a real development company, and someone just trying to get rich quick at the tax payers expense. Below is a map with the approximate boundaries of the two properties. I hope this helps clear up confusion about the development.