Dear Friends-

Many of you may have now heard the sad news regarding the Lenoir City High School Yearbook that went home Friday. It featured a page long article entitled “It is okay to be gay” detailing why it is fun and fine to be gay.

The article was vile and included a description of a boy kissing another boy and cross dressing. This is not as it should be. Things have gone too far. I feel very sure that an article entitled “It is okay to be a Christian” would have never been allowed to be printed in that same annual.

It is time to take a stand for our faith. We aren’t being called to risk our lives and go before a king like Nehemiah – but our walls are broken down and our gates are burning. We aren’t called to sit in prison like Paul – but we are certainly in bondage. We can no longer sit idly by. We live in a world where soon it may be illegal just to speak the name of our Savior. We live in a world where wrong is right and right is wrong… but we were never called to be silent!

If the pilgrims would have told King James that a moment of silence would do, American would have never been born. It is time to let your voice be heard… will you make a phone call? Will you make sure our elected officials and school administrators know…. THIS IS NOT WHO WE ARE? Will you tell them we are a community that still prays and wants to pray at graduation and football games? Will you tell them you expect a system in place which will prevent a liberal yearbook teacher-sponsor from shaming our school and our community with his radical left agenda? Will you make a difference for yourselves, your kids, your grandkids and our community? Please share this email with others.

Please call:

Superintendent of Schools – Wayne Miller (865)986-8058.

Principal of Lenoir City High School – Steve Millsaps (865) 986-2072

Please seek out your local school board members –Bobby Johnson, Rick Chadwick, Glenn McNish Sr, Rosemary Quillen and Mitch Ledbetter – let them know they have to act!

And most of all – pray! Pray! Pray for revival in our community!

Kim Jaggers

Foot Note: A number of parents are making plans to go to the school to complain about this. Also a lot of folks are planning to tear the page out of the year book.