Out With The Old

A short drive along Highway 321 would certainly bring to mind the phrase "Out With The Old, In With The New".

The old Ingles is now down to make room for something new. The old First Central Bank is down making room for the new Aldi grocery store. Even the old farm house just above Bimbos is being moved to a new location.

Old Ingles Gone

First Central Bank Gone

Old Farm House Heading Out

I guess it's inevitable that change and evolution is going to happen. I think what it is, is that it makes me feel really old.

I well remember when the old Ingles was the first Walmart and I remember when the new, fancy bank was built. My youngest son use to play with one of his best friends who lived in the old farm house when he was a little boy.

Heck, I remember before Hwy.321 was built and the interstate ended on Old Hwy. 95. I remember when 321 was built and the interstate ended there. I remember when 321 ended at White Wing Road. I remember when there were no businesses or red lights on 321 from Broadway to the Cross Roads. I remember when the traffic was so light we use to drag race on 321 from Hwy. 70 to the gas pumps at Luttrell's gas station. I remember when the first gas station went in at the interstate. This could go on and on.

I really never thought I would be an old codger saying, I remember when, or at least I sure never thought it would happen this fast. Oh well, time moves on.