Our Update

Caleb, Abby, Luke and Ethan

This time is always a slow news time. So I thought this might be a good time for a family update.

Sunday, a week ago, Austin and family came in for Thanksgiving. No trip home for the grand kids would be complete without a trip to the farm. After about a mile walk and nearly back to the man hut, tragedy struck. Well, not really a tragedy but an incident. 

Sarah was helping the three year old across the danger bridge. He stumbled, she grabbed for him and they both went into the creek. Decision time, take a picture or jump in to retrieve the wife and grandson? My better side kicked in. I retrieved the wife and grandson. No real big deal, the water was just a couple feet deep and all would have been fine except for the injury.

Turned out, Sarah's foot got stuck in the bridge and she fractured her tibia plateau, broke her knee, and crushed her meniscus by 7mm and sprained her ankle. The decision not to take a picture first turned out to be a good one. Oh yeah, she also had her new phone in her pocket. First time she had ever actually had her phone on her. Good news is, the doctor said she didn't have to have surgery unless she just wanted to. Hoping six weeks recovery and she'll be good as new.

I'm sure most of you may be feeling some sympathy for Sarah and that's fine but there is a second victim here. Me. While she's down, I'm having to do everything. Cooking, cleaning, shopping and so on. It's a heavy burden on me but I think I'll survive. It has given us a lot of together time and I understand that's a good thing. I have given her a couple of what I think are cute nicknames watching her wobble around on her crutches, Lieutenant Dan with magic lags and Tiny Tim. She seems to appreciate those.

We're just glad the damage was no worse than it was and apparently the grandbaby is enjoying telling folks he and Nana fell in the creek. And as Tiny Tim would say, God Bless Us Everyone.