Our killer is a young white male, blue to hazel eyes with a tannish
ring around the colored area according to DNA profile. Odds are he went to
school somewhere in East Tennessee and a teacher might remember his face.
Photos below. Can you help us catch this murderer? You quite possibly can
IF everyone who receives this email continues to circulate it to every
teacher in East Tennessee! He is young and likely went to school somewhere.
He had a few teachers right??  THIS IS NO JOKE. Please help.


***** PLEASE!!??  We really need help. Please help us bring closure to the
  Berry family. Even if all you can offer is an opinion that helps.
  We fear this beautiful child and her family may never have justice.
  It's been two full years. We are bordering on desperate
  and begging for help. 

        Please come to  http://www.johniaberry.org/

  ***  Why is this important to YOU? Because this crazed KILLER is still
  running free and believed to be in the Knoxville area. 

  *** Please!? We need everyone's help! PLEASE FORWARD and keep this Wanted
  Poster in circulation! It is believed the killer may be from Harriman,
  (especially Harriman) or Johnson City, Bristol, Kingsport, Knoxville,
  Tn areas. The killer likely has a scar on the palm of his right hand
  from where the knife slipped. Johnia was an ETSU graduate attending UTK
  and a good and decent young lady.  - Larry Henderson, Knoxville