You've heard the old saying, opinions are like..........., well certain body parts, and everybody's got one. Well, it's true. Nearly everybody has opinions about all kinds of things and in the world of politics that's a good thing. Every citizen has not only the right to express their opinion to their elected officials but almost an obligation. That's how elected officials get a lot of their information to make their decisions.

Here's where the problem with opinions comes in. From time to time, individuals or even groups of individuals will attend commission and or school board meetings to express their opinions and that's OK. But when those individuals or even groups of individuals decide that their opinions are the only ones that matter to the exclusion of everyone else's, then there's a problem.

Those who might claim some superior intellect and knowledge about a certain topic or issue show a level of arrogance not necessarily appreciated by those who may hold a different opinion.    

No matter how sure someone is or how much passion they might have about their cause, there will be others who may have polar opposite opinions of the same issue and elected officials have to be willing to hear all sides of a cause and respect all opinions.  

Differences of opinions are what make the world go round but when one feels that theirs is the only opinion that counts, they may get disappointed.