Only Two Kinds

With the presidential election just days away now, it still confounds me how anybody could conceivably vote for Obama.

There's only two kinds of people who will actually vote for Obama, those afflicted with blind party loyalty and those receiving unearned government checks. That's it and unfortunately, there's nothing anyone can do to change that. Hopefully though, there's fewer of them than there are of us, the ones who foot all the bills.

When I say, "those receiving unearned government checks", you all know who I'm talking about. Not those who have paid into the system all their lives and are now getting their money back. I'm talking about the dead beat bunch that sit on their you know what's all day and just wait on the checks to come in the mail. Their all around us.

Well, actually, they don't even have to go to the mail box any more. They get a shiny plastic card with an American flag emblazoned on it. Seems the alleged poor folks who were getting government checks felt stigmatized when they had to cash government checks or give a casher the old timey food stamps. With the new credit card type system, they can hold their heads high in the grocery line knowing the folks behind them think they're using their own credit or debit card.

Do we have truly needy folks among us? You better believe it and since the election of Obama, the number of needy has gone up dramatically. But don't be fooled for a minute, the majority of the takers are simply bums and illegal's.  Obama's constituents. How can you explain that two and three generations of people in the same family live entirely off the government? Is it genetic that so many members of one family just can't find a job? No. It's what they have been taught from birth is their way of life. 

Can anybody point to one thing, just one thing, Obama has done in four years that's been good for the country? No. But the list of things he's done to hurt the country is endless.

I'm one of those who believe Obama will lose and lose badly. I may be wrong. It may just be false optimism or hopefulness on my part but if Obama does win, the country as we know it is done.

We know Loudon County will overwhelmingly vote for Romney as will Tennessee. No worries there. But you have to wonder what on earth goes through the minds of people is some of the other states.

Just remember, the next time you see an Obama supporter, you will know their in one of two categories, blind ignorance or freeloaders.