It's A One Man Race, Again

At least for one day, Bobby Johnson Jr. had competition in his race for the treasurer/recorder seat in the November election. However in an email received here,  Rebecca McDaniel Watkins, who had filed as a write-in candidate for the treasurer/recorder seat states that she has withdrawn her name for consideration as a write-in. So it appears that Jr. will in fact be the next treasurer/recorder for Lenoir City unless someone else qualifies as a write-in.

Mr. Shaver,

I was notified by a friend this morning (9/10/08) that my name appeared on your web site as a possible write-in candidate for the position of Lenoir City Recorder/Treasurer.  I did submit a form on Monday morning (9/8/08). 

I saw this as a first step in a process; and  I did not realize that this first step would become a part of the public record so quickly.

On Tuesday morning (less than 24 hours later) I called the
Election Commission office and informed them that I had decided not to follow through with my petition to have my name added to the campaign as a write-in candidate.

Thank you, in advance, for getting this information on your web site as soon as possible.

Rebecca McDaniel Watkins  9/10/2008