One And A Half To Go

Tic Toc Tic Toc. Time's running out. Any candidates looking to get into the race had better hurry. Even this late in the race, three more candidates have picked up petitions.

Glen Hagerman, Jr. and Mike White have picked up petitions to run for county mayor. Teresa Karimian has picked up for county commission 5th district seat "A" currently held by Harold Duff. Independent candidate, Robert Dishner, has also filed his petition for Duff's seat.

Porsche Shantz, candidate for general sessions judge, has withdrawn from the race. Ms. Shantz failed to meet the residency requirements by a few months. See letter below.

Because Loudon County is my home and the home of my family for many years, I wish to convey my utmost apologies to the citizens of Loudon County for my short-lived judicial campaign this election cycle. Upon double-checking my qualifications before turning in my petition this morning to the Election Commission, I determined that, if elected, I would be a few months shy of the five-year constitutional residency requirement for General Sessions Judge. I turned in my completed petition this afternoon to the Election Commission together with my written notation as to why my name should not be placed on the ballot. I am, above all else, a firm believer in the letter of the law and wish to do nothing to dishonor myself or the Republican Party.

Porsche Shantz

A few other updates of note, sheriff candidate Steve Cook, has filed his qualifying petition to run for office and Pat Hunter, independent, has also filed her petition to run for county commission 5th district seat "B" currently held by Chris Park. Park has not picked up a petition for reelection.

After Thursday's deadline, I will have a full update of who's in and who's out and where we're all heading.