On To August

The county primary election has come and gone. Now it's on to the August general election. 11 of the 18 county races were decided in the primary since there were no democrats or independents running for those positions. Those include the Sheriff, Trustee, Registered Of Deeds, County Court Clerk, Circuit Court Clerk and Road Commissioner. Also decided in the primary were county commission, 1st District seat "A", 2nd District seat "B", 3rd District, 4th District and 7th District. Even though all these contests were decided in the primary election they will be on the August general election ballot but all will be unopposed.

Races that will go on the the county general will be:

County Mayor. Democrat Matt Brookshire will face Republican Estelle Herron.

General Sessions Judge. Republican Rex Dale will face Independent candidates Lee Ledbetter and Mary Longworth.

County Commission 1st District. Republican David Meers will face Independent Sarah Daily.

County Commission 2nd District. Democrat Earlena Maples will face Republican Frank Hahn and Independent Daryl Miller.

County Commission 5th District. Republican Harold Duff will face Independent Robert Dishner.

County Commission 5th District Republican Sharon Yarbrough will face Independent Pat Hunter.

County Commission 6th District Democrat Wayne Gardin will face Republican Steve Harrelson.

The general election will also have four school board seats on the ballot.

The 2nd District has two seats. Bobby Johnson Jr. will be running for seat "B" unopposed. William Jenkins and Chris Thomas will be running for 2nd District Seat "A".

In the 4th District board member Leroy Tate will be running unopposed.

Christie Allen Kreischer and Keva Largent will be running for the 6th District seat.

In addition to the county general election, August 5th will also be the state primary. Next week I will have an Election Watch Box up like I did for the primary with all the candidates both local and state.