On The Take

We've all heard the accusations about politicians being "on the take." That means they take money from someone and in return the politician might do a favor for the one who gave them the money. In most all instances this would be illegal. But what if it not only wasn't illegal but encouraged?

Most all fiscal conservative democrats and republicans have raised concerns of the Obama administration's decision to hand out billions in stimulus funds in an attempt to pick up the economy. You can't have it both ways. You can not condemn the practice of giving away billions in tax payer money and at the same time take the money.

At a recent Loudon County school board meeting it was announced that the school system would receive 1.6 million dollars in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, ARRA, stimulus funds.

The stimulus funds are good for only two years then their gone. It was discussed that it would be a bad idea to hire any new personal with the stimulus funds given that it would only be a two year program. We were informed that in fact they did intend to hire nine new employees but they would make sure that the new employees knew that they would only have their jobs for the two years of the funding. Does anybody really believe that in two years the school board administration will recommend laying off nine employees?

This supposed "free money" could turn out to create more problems than it solves. Local governments could find themselves in bigger financial trouble a couple of years than they are in now.   

There are no free rides.