Oh No, Here We Go Again

One year ago this month, Lenoir City Mayor, Matt Brookshire, unveiled his plans to recreate Lenoir City in his own image. Liberal politicians always feel that they know what's best for everyone. Brookshire is no different. Brookshire's 2006 idea, known as the Lenoir City Redevelopment Plan, was billed as a way to preserve the history and heritage of down town Lenoir city. When in truth, the scheme was no more than an attempt to empower the mayor to essentially take over properties that the city deemed unsatisfactory in the mayor's eyes. When the property owners and residents found out of the mayor's plans, there was a ground swell of citizens uprising against the mayor and his plan. The whole matter most nearly cost him his coveted mayorship.

Here it is a year later and a year and a half till the next city election and Brookshire is attempting to revive his land grab plans again. Learning from his last mistakes, Brookshire has reduced the size of the proposed area to be incorporated into the new plan. This in his mind should reduce the opposition to a more manageable level. It's the old "divide and conquer" strategy. Another big change since Brookshire's last attempt at redevelopment, is the addition of two new city councilmen to the board. Both Buddy Hines and Mike Henline ran for council on a position of opposition to Brookshire's redevelopment plan.

All the citizens involved in the first plan should still be concerned. Politicians like Brookshire depend heavily on the short memories of the citizens. For a refresher, see related 2006 articles below.