In the spirit of government bailouts and stimulus money, we here at vanshaver.com would like to say we care and we have hope. That said we would like to offer you our version of the Obama stimulus plan.

We would like to send every reader a $1,000.00 check. You can use your vanshaver.com stimulus check any way you want no strings attached. Pay some bills buy a new TV what ever you want to do with it.

Getting your check is simple. Just send us $2,000.00, casher's check, money order or cash. We will immediately send you your $1,000.00 vanshaver.com stimulus check. We will use the extra $1,000.00 you send us to give to the people who don't pay any thing. It's just that simple and according to Obama, it's a great deal for you.

Obamanomics 101