Obama Stamps

One of the great things about this wonderful country we live in is that we have always taken care of those in need. Since the beginning of our founding Americans have been the most generous people the world has ever known. Unfortunately, it seems now that an awful lot of folks have just decided to take advantage of our generosity.  

President Obama is now known as the most successful food stamp president in American history. There are more people on food stamps today than ever before in history.

The entitlement mentality is not only a national issue but a local one as well. Take a look at the statistics below for Loudon County and the rules that govern hand ups/handouts. In Loudon County nearly a million dollars a month paid out in food stamps. At some point we will not be able to sustain these costs.

Loudon county population 2010 :    48,556

Loudon county households 2010 :   18,076

Food stamps issued in Loudon Co. May 2011,  $929,817.00   (sales tax exempt) % of households receiving food stamps: 18.18 %.

While walking through the grocery store count 1,2,3,4. Counting yourself , you are paying for every 4th buggy full. 


Food stamps

Illegal aliens are eligible for food stamps: No

Children of illegal aliens born in the us are eligible for food stamps: YES

Children of illegal aliens control and use the food stamp card:  NO, the Card is issued in the parentís name.

Income paid in cash to illegal aliens can be traced & verified: NO

There is a limit on the number of months food stamps can be received: NO

Is there a requirement to look for work while receiving food stamps:  NO

Individuals receiving food stamps must report income of an out of wedlock partner living in the same household : NO (unless they have a common child)

Individuals living in a parentís household must report the parentís income no matter the amount: NO (22 + years of age)

With the "debit" EBT, (Electronic Benefit Transfer) cards the selling of food stamps has be stopped: NO (the card can be sold for a % of the amount issued and be used by anyone who has the pin number)

Food stamp cards (EBT) are accepted in pizza restaurants: YES (Papa Murphy Pizza Restaurants accept EBT cards as the pizza is not cooked on site)

Sales tax is charged on all food stamp purchases: NO, there is no sales tax paid on a food stamp purchases

Legal permanent residents (here in U.S.  More than 5 years) but not yet U.S.  citizens are eligible for food stamps: YES

You can verify this information at http://tn.gov/humanserv/adfam/fs_stats.html



Illegal aliens are eligible for Tenncare:  YES (in the following circumstances):

A: pregnancy/delivery 1) under Medicaid an illegal alien gets the day of birth plus any days she is required to be hospitalized paid in full. The baby is a U.S. citizen and is covered until age 1.

 2)  Under "Cover Kids" the mother gets Tenncare starting the day the pregnancy is confirmed through the date of discharge from the hospital after the birth of the baby.

 3) In the event that an illegal alien is seen in an emergency room and the injuries are deemed "life threatening" the ER bill and entire hospital stay is covered by Tenncare.

Note: A U.S. born citizen between the ages of 21 and 65, with no minor children, not an SSI recipient, not pregnant, not being treated for breast or cervical cancer, will be required to pay the entire ER/hospital bill.

Tenncare recipients are required to pay co-payments and or deductibles: NO

Tenncare recipients are required to pay premiums: NO

People with private health insurance or insurance though their employer are not eligible for Tenncare: NO, Tenncare becomes the secondary insurance and pays any deductible or copayments

Tenncare is just basic insurance: NO   Tenncare is administered by 2 companies you know 1) Blue Cross Blue Sheild (Bluecare)  2) United Uealthcare. Both are comprehensive full coverage policies.

Legal permanent residents (here in U.S. More than 5 years) but not yet U.S. citizens are eligible for Tenncare:  YES

You can verify this information at Http://www.tn.gov/tenncare/forms/enrollmentdatanfeb.pdf