Now We Wait

The law suit filed against the tax payers by Court Clerk, Lisa Niles, got underway Thursday morning and concluded Thursday evening. It was thought the trial would last two days but both attorneys concluded by the end of the first day.

The attorneys will file written closing statements and Chancellor Williams will consider all the evidence and render his verdict early to midweek next week. So, now we wait on the judges decision.

In my opinion, Ms. Niles was unable to present a shred of evidence that her demand for six additional employees and huge raises for other employees was based on anything more than, she just wanted it. When asked by her attorney what she needed the six new employees for, she struggled hard on the stand to remember why she needed all the new help.

Attorney Joe Ford, representing Loudon County in the suit, pointed out that Ms. Niles first budget request had only asked for one new employee but two months later, after the 2014 election where she was re-elected, Ms. Niles submitted an amended budget demanding the six new employees and raises. Coincidence? I think not.

From this observers opinion, if the outcome of  this trial rests solely on the facts and the information presented at trial, Ms. Niles case doesn't have a chance. But the judge can make any ruling he deems appropriate based on his opinion of the facts presented.

Hopefully we'll get the judges ruling pretty quickly. Either side can appeal the judges decision if dissatisfied with the outcome.

I'll keep you posted.