Now It Begins

Growing up in a small, Southern Baptist Church, I can remember many times hearing those old preachers warning us, "Christians, some day you will be persecuted for your beliefs. Some day you will have to choose which side you will serve, God or man." No one would ever believe that could be true, not in America.

Now it begins.

Some how, the tiny minority of the homosexual sect has managed to persuade the highest court in the land to change the very foundation of civilization in an attempt to legitimize their immoral lifestyle.

With Friday's Supreme Court decision on homosexual marriage the changes to our society will come quickly. Homosexuals will see the decision as a means to force everyone, not only to accept their lifestyle but to embrace it and support it.

In short order, churches will be required by statement or action to show that they do not discriminate against homosexuals in the form of allowing and or performing homosexual marriages. If they refuse, they will loose their tax exempt status. So the first hit will be financial. Next, if a church doesn't acquiesce to the homosexual life style, there will be civil law suits where the church will be held liable for monetary damages. Lastly, the church will be punished criminally for failing to comply. This will happen in quick order. The church will comply with mans law or it will die. And it wont just be the church. This will manifest in every walk of our lives.

Like the old preachers said, you will have to choose which side you're on. I would like to pick my side now.

As an elected official, I have the authority to perform marriages and I have performed quit a few. But never, ever will I officiate over a homosexual marriage. Never in my political career, my professional career or in my personal life will I ever support, accept of acknowledge homosexual marriage.

I take this position on two grounds. My Christian beliefs, and my revolution to the repugnant thought of homosexually. I'll stand by previous statements I've made before. If you want to be a homosexual, so be it. You go be all the homosexual you want to be. But don't try to make me believe it's OK.

While homosexuals may feel that the court's decision has given them some kind of legitimacy, it does not. No man, no judge, no court can change the laws of God nor the hearts of man.

They may very well be called the supreme court, but that title does not make them higher than God.