November Update

Even though candidates have till August 16, a couple more candidates have picked petitions to run in the Lenoir City, November election.

Becky Watkins, who ran for a seat on council back in 2010, has picked up a petition to run for council in November. Watkins came up short less than 40 votes to make it onto council back in 2010.

Along with all three incumbent councilmen, all three incumbent Lenoir city school board members have picked up petitions to seek re-election.

Randall J. Brown has picked up a petition to seek the office of Treasurer/Recorder in the November election. This race has a bit of a twist however. The August ballot will present the question to the voters of Lenoir City as to whether to keep the Treasurer/Recorder position as an elected position or to change it to an appointed position. If the voters change the position to appointed, Mr. Brown's petition to seek the office will become null and void.

We'll talk a little later about the Treasurer/Recorder vote and what the voters could or could not do.

Nobody in Greenback has picked petitions for any of the offices yet.

In Philadelphia, Johnny D. Drinnon and James Russell has picked up to run for Mayor while Anita and Paul Stallings have picked up petitions to seek seats on the council. 

Paul Stallings is the current mayor, elected back in 2008. Stallings edged our Johnny Drinnon, who has picked up to run for mayor, by only one vote back in 2008.

Position/Location Name Issued Returned Qualified
Lenoir City
  Tony Aikens 5/18/2012 5/18/2012 5/18/2012
City Council        
  Bobby Johnson, Sr. 5/18/2012    
  Eddie Simpson 5/18/2012 5/21/2012 5/21/2012
  Harry Wampler 5/18/2012    
  Becky Watkins 6/1/2012    
City Recorder/Treasurer        
  Randall J. Brown 6/8/2012    
City Board of Education Members        
  Rick Chadwick 5/18/2012 5/21/2012 5/21/2012
  Mitch Ledbetter 6/7/2012    
  Glenn Mc Nish 5/21/2012    
  Johnny D. Drinnon 5/21/2012    
  James Russell 5/25/2012    
  Anita Stallings 6/5/2012    
  Paul Stallings 6/5/2012