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November 2012 Ballot
* Incumbent

Unofficial Returns

Mitt Romney 16,701
Barack Obama 5,057


*Tom Peeler (Unopposed) 283

(Vote For Four)

*Rebecca Andrews 213
*Walter Birchfield 229
Delmar L. Davis 252
*Polly Evans 224
Richard Frost 152

Lenoir City


*Tony Aikens (Unopposed) 2020

City Council
(Vote For 3)

*Bobby Johnson, Sr. 1398
*Eddie Simpson 1492
*Harry Wampler 1548
Becky Watkins 1356

City Recorder/Treasurer

Randall J. Brown 1105
James Wilburn 1247

Lenoir City Board of Education
(Vote For 3)

*Rick Chadwick 1788
*Mitch Ledbetter 1837
*Glenn McNish 1845



Johnny D. Drinnon 83
James Russell 79

(Vote For 3)

Lynn Marlow 73
Jeff Marlow 82
*Michael S. McGinnis 73
Chris Miller 93
Anita Stallings 66
Paul Stallings 59
Laura Standridge 73

Three way tie for third place. Outcome to be decided

State Representative 21st District
Represents portions of Loudon and Monroe Counties

*Jimmy Matlock (R) 12,415
Andrew F. Bennett (D) 2,778

In Monroe County

*Jimmy Matlock (R) 7,928
Andrew F. Bennett (D) 2,749

State Representative 32nd District
Represents portions of Loudon and Roane Counties

Kent Calfee (R) 4,147
Jack W. Mcnew (D) 1,192
Allen R. Cole (I) 388

In Roane County

Kent Calfee (R) 12,295
Jack W. Mcnew (D) 4,791
Allen R. Cole (I) 840

County Commission 2nd District Seat (B)
(To Fill Unexpired Term)
Rosemary Quillen 
(Unopposed) 2,187


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