Nothing But The Truth

Just a short time ago, I embarked on this experiment of online journalism, with a twist. I had no idea which way it might go. However based on visitors and input, the site seems to have struck a cord with local folks. Some like it some don't.

There's the gentleman who threatened to "break my neck and shove a fire plug up my booboo." And the lady who sees me as a hypocrite. But by far the response has been overwhelming positive.

My core belief is that government is to serve the people, not the other way around. Most of our local elected officials are wonderful, dedicated, hard working individuals who have the citizens best interest at heart. However we, like any other community, have those few bad apples. Those who are more motivated by self interest than public interest. Those who feel that the citizen input is more of a nuisance than a necessity. Those who prefer secrecy over openness. These are the bad apples that will find their exploits exposed and laid to bare.

Nearly every article that has been reported on was brought to me by someone who is fed up with the injustice perpetrated by self serving officials but until now had no forum to address their issues. Hopefully, this format will provide that forum.

If you have an issue you feel needs some air, just let me know. is a philosophy not just a website. I will listen, I will investigate and I will report.

Van Shaver