Not So Fast

In Loudon County planner Russ Newman's ongoing saga to hold on to his cushy county job,  $67,172.00 per year, Newman has tried to pull a rabbit out of a hat. Now that Lenoir City has withdrawn from the county planning program and Newman has blown all his reserve funds his department is broke.

Newman is trying to find some way to make the county think he is still needed. So, he asked the county commission to ask for a "private act" that would require his office to still have some jurisdiction over some of Lenoir City's zoning activities. A private act is a special law passed by the state legislature that applies only to the county requesting the private act.

The county commission has voted to ask our local state legislators, Jimmy Matlock, Dennis Ferguson and Randy Mcnally to have a special law written that would require Lenoir City to still deal with Newman.

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At Monday's Lenoir City Council meeting council may have thrown a monkey wrench into Newman's big plans. Council voted unanimously to send a resolution to our local state legislators, Jimmy Matlock, Dennis Ferguson and Randy Mcnally, objecting to the county's request for the private act.

Now, what are our local legislators to do? Loudon County wants the private act, Lenoir City doesn't want it.

I know for most of you this is really not a very interesting story but for those of us who enjoy political drama, this will be a fun one to watch. I'll keep you posted.