Not Much Happening Or Is There

Well, it seems all is quiet on the home front or is it that those who tend to make news have just gotten better at keeping below the radar? Either way there is not a lot to report on. There is the story that a county deputy pulled over an off duty city officer and that things nearly came to blows but no one seems to know are is willing to tell the real story. There's the matter of the teacher who was just arrested for a second DUI in less than a year but the school director has assured everyone that the teacher will be terminated. Then there is the whole thing going on at 911 dispatch with the two dispatchers who were given options and decided to quit but I can't seem to get much detail on that one either. And of course a lot of us are waiting to see what District Attorney, Russ Johnson, is going to do with some local matters that are currently being handled by his office for the April Grand Jury.

Actually, there a lot of things going on but it's getting harder and harder to crack the nut to get at the meat. If anyone has information or wants an issue examined let me know and I will see what I can do.