No Win Situation

I couldn't help but take notice to social media early Tuesday morning as snow fell and temperatures hovered near freezing. The hot debate among the adults was whether schools should be closed, opened or delayed. I noticed that the debate seemed to split between those who work for the school system and those who work in the private sector.

Obviously, most of those employed with the schools were distraught that school administrators would even consider risking the safety of the little children by forcing them to get out into the massive blizzard with gale force winds and sub zero temperatures. On the other hand, those parents that work in the private sector were puzzled why school administrators would even consider closing or even delaying school with just a dusting of snow, when the temps were above freezing, the roads were wet but safe and the the weather was predicted to improve all day.

The difference? Many of those wanting closings were in for a day off. Those opposed were about to have to find last minute child care so they could go to work. Days like this leave school administrators in a no win situation. At least with Tuesday's decision, Lenoir City and Loudon County administrators made the right call. They only upset half their constituents.

But there's a bigger story here. If the school system makes a decision that you feel is not safe for your child/children do what you feel is right. You are the parent, you still out rank public education.

If you feel conditions are too dangerous to put your child on a bus, get up and take them to school yourself. If you feel it's just too dangerous to be on the roads, keep them at home. You can make that decision.

I'm afraid a lot of folks, especially parents, are giving away more and more of their autonomy to government. In the case above, it's government education. But there are cases were we have all yielded too much to government.