At last Monday's Lenoir City council meeting, local developer Mark Matlock was on the agenda to ask council for some tax payer money in the form of a TIF (Tax Increment Financing) for one of his developments. Turns out Mr. Matlock did not show for the meeting. Mayor Matt Brookshire presented Matlock's request.

Most councilmen seemed less than likely to support the TIF request especially in the absence of the developer asking for the hand out. Council rejected the request.

Also on that same agenda was a request for an additional fees to be applied to citations in Lenoir City court. The request was being made by City Court Judge, Terry Vann. Judge Vann was also a no show for the meeting but had sent one of the court employees to make the request. The request turned out to be for a seven dollar fee to be added to court citations to pay for new soft wear being requested for the court. After the presentation of the request council requested additional information before committing to the purchas of the soft wear or the additional fees.