No Tax Increase

After seven weeks of meetings, the Loudon County budget committee has completed it's task of preparing a recommendation for the county's 2015-2016 budget.

The budget committee was able to reduce the county budget by more than $800,000.00 from the current year budget. The committee's recommendation does not request any property tax increase and does includes a 2% raise for all county employees except elected officials.

The school board's thirty-seven million dollar plus expenditure budget was approved but no additional property tax was recommended for the board's budget. However the BOE will see an addition in revenue of nearly than three quarters of a million dollars from the growth of the value of property tax pennies and additional revenue from the state.

The budget committee composed of Commissioners, Steve Harrelson, Henry Cullen, Kelly Brewster, myself and Mayor Buddy Bradshaw will present their recommendation to the full commission at a workshop meeting in June with the plan to have a full commission vote on the budget by the end of June.