No Snow Cones?

City of Loudon looking closer at where businesses on wheels can go

Vicky Newmam News-Herald

The city of Loudon may take a closer look in coming months at whether to allow temporary business structures in a district, as well as where they may be located - hopefully before warm weather returns, bringing a taste for frosty treats.

The issue arose when Sean Giles, who owns a snow cone business operated from a trailer building, appealed to the Loudon Board of Zoning Appeals to grant a variance for his 6-foot by 10-foot trailer.

Officials had determined that the  city zoning ordinance does not allow for the use of temporary structures in a commercial district.
The Loudon BZA voted to deny Giles' request, but indicated that the issue will be revisited.

Hamil Carey, chairman, said the board sympathizes with Giles, and plans to look further into the issue. "Through the years, we have been concerned about trying to be consistent as we can. We want somebody to make a living, but we are trying to cover our backside."

Dennis Brennan, board member, said, "Where does it end if we start this?"

Giles parks his trailer building at various locations in town, as well as at church group functions, such as Bible schools.
Russ Newman, planning director, said some provision needs to be made for temporary concession sales, and suggested considering some sort of amendment.  

The ordinance also does not provide for temporary structures at sales events and grand openings in a commercial district.

Carlie McEachern, another board member, told Giles, "We are trying to make it work without putting ourselves in a bind."

The matter may be resolved by making temporary seasonal structures for food sales a permitted use.