No, Shame On You

If you've driven along Hwy. 321 recently, you've probably seen the "Shame On You" signs at the hospital and just off Broadway. You have probably wondered what those signs were all about. Well, let me tell you and it's not very nice. And by the way, city officials have no authority to remove the protesters.

Seems Mid-South Carpenters Union has decided to try their hand at intimidation and strong arm tactics. The protesters at the hospital are are there on behalf of the union because the union took issue not with the hospital but with a subcontractor working on Covenant Health job site. So rather than take up their grievance with the subcontractor they have chosen to picket the hospital. They've been there for months now so apparently their strong-arm tactics have apparently not been very successful.

Click Here For Union Flyer About Hospital


The second "Shame On You" sign that has recently popped up just off Broadway and on is essentially the same as the hospital. Except this one is directed at an individual, and a minister no less.  The same union is unhappy again not with the pastor of the church, not the church, not even with the contractor that's building the new addition to the church but again with the same subcontractor that's working on the church addition. Now this one's about as despicable as it gets.

The union has decided to name the pastor as the target of their protest which in my opinion borders on or crosses the line of slander and defamation of the pastor. This is one of the worst examples of intimidation I've ever seen. I'm sure the pastor and church members are very unhappy with the unions cowardly attack on them.

But that's not all. Back in December, members of the Loudon County School board received threatening letters from this same union threatening to picket any future school building projects if the construction manager the school hires, hires a contractor that hires the subcontractor the union doesn't like.

Click Here For Threatening Letter To School Board

I have no idea if the union even has a legitimate claim against all the subcontractors they name but even if they do they have chosen the poorest possible approach to make their claim and certainly haven't helped their cause.

I'm sure there are many good and respectable unions and union officials who do great work on behalf of their workers. But when union officials descend into public displays of intimidation and embarrassment to try to achieve their goals, that's just wrong.

So, not shame on anyone else but:

Shame On
Mid-South Carpenters Regional Council