No Ruritan This Year

For the first time since 1974, there will be no organized league T-Ball, Baseball or Softball at the Eaton Ruritan Park this year. The directors of the park posted the statement below on their Facebook page,

From the board: After much debate, meetings , and calculations Eaton Ruritan will not be having League Ball this spring. It deeply saddens us that it comes to this.

Our program is run by 100% volunteers and donations. We are sure some will be upset and not understand why... However most do not have an extra 30hours a week to volunteer or... extra monies to donate to keep the lights on either. Our numbers diminish every season, to the point we had to cancel a league last season. Not sure what drives youth away from our program (baseball/softball) but numbers don't lie.

We wish everyone the best this spring and there are several programs in our area that will be happy to have you (both- Softball and Baseball). Here are a few: Lee Russell (LC Parks n Rec), Farragut, Maryville, Greenback, Loudon, Kingston. Thanks for all of the support through out the years. North Middle School Baseball/Softball will continue to utilize the facility. If you have a team or would like to utilize our facilities please let us know. Again thanks and sorry we will not be doing 'league ball' this spring.

Damon Hughes

After having spent 24 years with the Ruritan program, it makes me sad to see it come to an end. Thousands and thousands of children have had an opportunity for a few weeks every spring to get out, play a little ball and just generally have a good time.

The park has been a great asset to the Loudon County community and will be greatly missed.