At least once a week, I try to go through all the external links on the web site to be sure everything is current and still linked. I've noticed over the last few weeks, the TOPIX sites have been moving away from political debate and discussion to just mean talk. When I went on this weekend, it was disappointing to see that some of the sites have all but degenerated into nothing but name calling and nasty talk.

I'm a big fan of political debate and discussion and the internet has opened up a whole new window for people to come together and have those discussions. Unfortunately, as seems to always be the case, a few bad apples have messed up a good thing for a lot of people. I didn't mind when they were picking at me, I'm a big boy and can take it, but now they've gone to saying terrible things about some good people and started posting statements claiming to be other people.

It's true I have no control over the content on the TOPIX sites but I have full control over whether those sites are linked to my site. That said,  I have removed the TOPIX links from my site. If you want to continue to follow them, you will need to go straight to TOPIX.

I am very disappointed to have to do this but I won't be a part of that kind of vile and vulgar conversation. I don't know if the bad guys are just some degenerates or if the hijackers actually wanted to end the political discussions. Either way, it ends today. Hardball political discussion is good but just mean and hateful discourse serves no purpose.

I'm exploring some other alternatives but till I can find some way to keep it civil, we'll just have to go back to the old word of mouth process.