For My Protection?

A reader informed me that the Lenoir City ORNL Credit Union has now gone gun free. He was right. I went by over the weekend to see for myself and sure enough, new signs on the front door.

I was sure disappointed to see ORNL has now adopted the left wing mantra about making citizens safer by unarming them.

The sign says, For Your (My) Protection. How exactly is forcing me to be disarmed helping my protection?
Attempting to disarm legally armed, law abiding citizens is a ridiculous way to claim you are providing protection to your customers. In fact, quiet the contrary. Their gun free zone regulation has now eliminated my protection.
By eliminating my legal right to defend myself in their facility, they are now responsible and liable for my protection. Should we assume they plan to provide armed security in their facilities to protect us?
If I'm not mistaken, it's already illegal to rob banks with knives and guns. Do they really believe that posting a sign prohibiting weapons in the facility would deter anyone with criminal intent?
This is an unsafe world we live in. People coming and going at any financial institution are always subjected to the possibility of being accosted by bad elements. This possibility is greatly enhanced now that the bad guys know when anyone leaving ORNL will be unarmed.

I have contacted ORNL to register my complaint about their new policy.

Below is a link and phone numbers where you can contact ORNL if you want.

Email ORNL Here