No Drought On Pickle Hill

This is a viewer requested report.

At least one section of Hwy 11 ditch line isn't suffering from the recent drought. For months there has been a water leak along Hwy. 11 that seems to be getting worse and worse. Several of you have written in concerning the leak and at least one gentleman stated that he reported the leak to LCUB nearly three months ago.

With a crumbling sewer and water infrastructure, the LCUB water and sewer department guys are kept hopping from leak to leak. Kind of reminds you of the little boy with his finger in the dike, but I don't think they have enough fingers.

With all of us seeing higher and higher utility bills, water leaking into the ground is costing everybody. Based on the water rates listed at, this one leak has already cost thousands of dollars. It may be time for LCUB management to conceder replacement rather than patches.